Tiles are individually decorated freehand, using a wooden or bamboo tool to cut through the layers of ‘slip’. Inspiration for the designs comes mainly from nature.  Other colours and designs can be commissioned to suit different interiors.  The tiles are sold with cork backs for use as coasters or pot-stands.

Blue Circle

These tiles are 6″ square and are available in 6 different designs: fish, dragonfly, bird, cockerel, double fish and seahorse. I can also supply plain or decorated border tiles and panels.

Blue Square

These tiles are available in 6″ and 4″ sizes.  There are six different designs: fish, double fish, dragonfly, bird, cockerel and sea-horse.

Country Range

The country range tiles are available in 4 different designs: oak, clover, fern, and little birds.  In addition to these designs I also do fern print tiles in green, using Dartmoor bracken to print directly on to the tiles.

These tiles are also available in 4″ and 6″ format.

Panels and border tiles can also be commissioned in this range.