The pots are hand thrown or slab built from red earthenware clay, decorated with coloured slips and glazes. The pots are meant for every day use and are ovenproof and dishwasher safe.

*Over the last few months I have been developing a new range of tableware in softer tones of grey and white.  The pots are quiet, using a new, less shiny glaze formulated for a soft, smooth finish. I have called the new tableware ‘The Kyoto Range’.

The aim has been to create pots which will be a complementary back-drop to good food.  The centre of plates and bowls is left plain and the broad rims have a simple design motif and shell-impressed decoration which creates a ‘frame’ for the food.  I have been striving to keep it simple, to let the food do the talking.

Rather than the boring, flat white plate beloved of chefs, these pots have the warmth and individuality of hand-made ceramics, without competing with the food they present.

Blue Range: The pots are decorated with a deep blue slip, overlaid with slips of other colours. The designs are incised through the layers of slip. Inspiration for decoration comes mainly from nature. Many of the pots are decorated with fish. Other motifs are dragonflies, birds and leaves.

Country Range: The pots are decorated with white slip, thinly poured on the interior surfaces to allow the warm colour of the clay to show through. They are especially good for serving food. A green copper glaze adds richness to the pieces, with other colour glazes used to enhance the simple motifs.

Grey and White Range: This range of work has softer, muted colours, inspired by Japanese ceramics. I am interested in exploring the texture and pattern with subtle interplay of grey and white, with hints of the red clay colour coming through. Again the pots are made to make food look good.